STAFF: We have a current staff of 5: Principals (1), Project Architects (1), Cad Technicians (2) and Interior Designers (1). We own our building and we are capable of growing to meet the needs of our projects.

INTEGRITY: We keep our agreements and deliver to our clients 100% of what we promise: on time, with quality... and with enthusiasm.

CONSCIENTIOUS WORK: We know and appreciate that the home you live in, and the quality and feeling it provides affects your life in many subtle ways. Our goal is to bring our attention to detail to your project to insure that no design opportunities are overlooked.

SCHEDULE: The project tasks and design questions are not viewed separately, but scheduled together to allow for the best use of your time and project efficiency. We strive to let our clients know well in advance - before the pressure is "on" - when selections and final decisions need to be made.

BUDGET: We try to incorporate an invited Contractor into the initial design meetings to insure a tangible link to accurate pricing. We have a stable of excellent contractors we have worked with over the years. But, we are eager to meet anyone you might like to work with.

CONTACT: Jack Odell is "Hands-on" and works with the design team from the beginning to the end of each project. This ensures you experienced leadership and fresh new ideas. Jack is involved in all phases and is fully accessible.

TEAMWORK: The time we have shared over the years on projects shows in our work. The knowledge gained on every project is carried forward to make what we design today even better than what we did yesterday.

VALUE: The benefits and experience expressed above deliver solid value to our clients. We provide consultation and information during the initial design phase; quality, communication, and consistency during the project; and responsive service after you have joined the team.

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